“I was so impressed by Heather Pierson and Bernice Martin’s ‘Heart Songs and Circle Songs’ project that I asked Heather if I could design a worship service around one of her song’s notions that ‘We All Have a Song.’ Together, Heather and I explored the ability of song to join people together across differences. Heather led us in several pieces from her collection, and congregants were enriched in their communal appreciation of singing as a route to healing and to the Holy. I recommend highly the accessibility of the song collection for group involvement as well as Heather’s musical artistry and leadership.”

-Rev. Craig Rubano, Ph.D. — Co-Minister | UU Congregation of Monmouth County, NJ

“Bernice and Heather are a wonderful team; they offered us an engaging worship service that pleased the ear, the mind, and the heart!”

-Karen Lane | First Universalist Church of Auburn, ME

“Heather Pierson and Rev. Bernice Martin brought their lyrical contemplative worship service, ‘Heart Songs and Circle Songs’, to our congregation last December.  Those who experienced that Sunday worship service spoke of their renewed spirits and of feeling calm and peaceful.  ‘Heart Songs and Circle Songs’ is a truly lovely and transformative worship service – an essential experience especially in troubled times.  We hope that Heather and Bernice will bring their inspirational words and exquisitely heartwarming music back to our congregation very soon.”

-Rev. Fayre Stephenson | First Universalist Church of Norway, ME

“Even with our small circle, Heather was able to create an inviting engaging chant workshop with melodies and rhythms that bound us together in joy and peace. I look forward to sharing the songs from her ‘Heart Songs & Circle Songs’ CD with the next sacred circle I have the honor of standing in.”

-Jeannette Waldie | Visionary Heights | Houston, TX

Whether you’re a philharmonic chorister or an only-in-the-shower singer, you’ll find a place in the Heart Songs and Circle Songs Workshop.  The leaders invite everyone to breathe, listen, and respond to the basic rhythms, tunes, and lyrics.  It’s a sing-around-the-campfire experience where the warmth comes not from firewood, but from the blended voices of your long-time buddies and new-found friends.

-Carolyn S., workshop participant | Erie, PA
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